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5 Reasons to Check Out The Alberta Reproductive Centre!

October 5, 2023

the front desk in the lobby of the Alberta Reproductive Centre

I recently had the opportunity to chat with The Alberta Reproductive Centre about their services and how they help people looking to start or expand their family in Edmonton. For those who don’t know, The Alberta Reproductive Centre is a patient-focused reproductive centre that offers a variety of programs, including IVF, fertility preservation, and more services to assist families who may be facing any sort of challenges with growing their family. Today, I want to highlight why I believe they are the best clinic in Alberta to help anyone who might be interested in their programs.

Top 5 reasons Why The Alberta Reproductive Centre is the Right Choice If You Want to Grow Your Family in Edmonton

I wrote down my top five reasons to help families out there. I know how hard it can be to find a clinic that cares about you and your specific situation. Let me help you make your journey a tad bit easier. And if you are reading this, I truly hope all your wishes come true. So, let’s dive in!

A staff photo from the Alberta Reproductive Centre with everyone wearing navy scrubs

1. They Are Locally Owned and Created

I had the chance to interview Dr. Daniel, one of the Alberta Reproductive Centre’s specialists. During our chat, she told me the clinic was founded here in Edmonton. It’s made from the people to the people. There are no big corporations, but rather real people who care about their community and understand life in the city, just like their patients.

2. Alberta Reproductive Centre Cares About Bringing Awareness to The Community

Alberta Reproductive Centre is focused on normalizing fertility challenges and creating a community where people can feel heard and understood. They care about their patients and want everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable at their premises and throughout their treatment. Alberta Reproductive Centre is aware that not all fertility challenges come from infertility alone, but many times, families need alternative solutions to grow their families.

3. They Offer a Holistic View of Fertility

Alberta Reproductive Centre offers fertility-specific services and holistic strategies that complement treatments to boost their effectiveness. It offers acupuncture, access to a registered dietitian, and psychology services. Additionally, it focuses on whole-person fertility care.

4. They Are Inclusive to All People

At Alberta Reproductive Centre, it’s understood that not all families are built the same way and aim to connect with all sorts of people. As an LGBTQ+ inclusive facility, they have different options for families needing help to grow their families. They are also body-inclusive and have accessible entrances, waiting areas, and rooms. I had the opportunity to tour their clinic and noticed how nice and welcoming their space was. A comfortable environment ensures the team caring for you meets your needs.

A consultation room at Alberta Reproductive Centre with blue swivel chairs and an artistic chandelier

5. They Have Short Wait Times!

One of the biggest reasons people choose to go the private route regarding fertility centres is the insanely long wait times that the government health centre has for patients. Currently, the wait time to see a doctor in Alberta’s health system is over a year. Fortunately, the Alberta Reproductive Centre offers short wait times so that you can get an appointment in less than two months. This is so convenient and shows that the care providers truly want every family to be able to achieve their dreams even quicker.

Start Growing Your Family With Alberta Reproductive Centre!

I hope this post has helped any of you who are in the process of growing your family. I’d be more than happy to be part of your journey. Let’s capture all your milestones as you go through the beautiful experience of parenthood. If you want to learn more about me and my maternity or newborn photography, then please visit my website!

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